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FAL General Gunsmithing Services

Barrel - Lathe Turning & Threading
Threading - Shorten - Crowning - Barrel Removed $40.00
Flash Hider Keyway Cut - UK Inch & FN Long Pattern $10.00
Index & Install Flash Hider $10.00
Rethread Barrel Shoulder - 1x16 TPI  RH $25.00
Remove Barrel For Lathe Turning or Services - incl. Re-Assembly $90.00
Receiver - Milling
Para - Receiver Front Dust Cover Nose Cut $45.00
Para - Lower Receiver Recoil Plate / Stand Off Cut $25.00
Para - Lower Receiver Rear Stock Tang Inlet Cut $25.00
L1A1 Inch - Folding Op Rod/Cocking Handle Latch Cut $45.00
L1A1 Inch - Dust Cover Rear Tab Cuts $50.00
L1A1 Inch - Magazine Front Catch Lug Cut  ( Not Available ) N/A
Miscellaneous Labor
Install STG58 Carry Handle Plastic Handle - incl. Plastic Handle $20.00
Install Metric Cocking Handle Plastic Knob - incl. Plastic Knob $20.00
Modify Inch Safety Selector To Fit Metric Lower Receiver $15.00
Armor's Inspection - incl. Test Fire $60.00
Adjust headspace - incl. Locking Shoulder $60.00
Trigger Pull Reduction 5-6lbs. - ( No FSE ) $50.00
Install Synthetic Stock set $30.00
Install Drill Gas Block Assembly $50.00
Finish & Install New Wood Stock Set - Military Field Finish $125.00
Refinish Options
Inlaid Painted Lettering - Red & White ( Deep Engraving Required ) $45.00
Parkerize - Barrel only $25.00
Parkerize - Barrel & Receiver only $45.00
Parkerize - Complete upper assembly $75.00
Parkerize - Stripped Lower Receiver $30.00
Parkerize - Complete Lower Receiver Assembly $60.00
Parkerize - Complete Rifle $150.00
Parkerize - Mag $12.00
CenTac 9H - Complete Turn Key Upper Assembly $195.00
CenTac 9H - Complete Lower Assembly $75.00
CenTac 9H - Complete Rifle $250.00
CenTac 9H - Para Stock Assembly $50.00
CenTac 9H - Mag $25.00
Note: Repair of metal pitting, gouges, dings, dents, scratches or repairing of worn or damaged parts is not included. Pricing for repairable items is given on a per job basis.

Call for quote on non listed services. 775-265-6301 Mon - Fri. 9am-4pm Pacific Time


Pricing Reflects That All Parts To Be Supplied By Customer
We also install any of the products offered on this site.
E-Mail For Tech Support Anytime

Send Inquiries to:
Phone: 775-265-6301 M-F 8-5pm PST

$345.00 Service Grade Assembly - W/MgP Refinish
$245.00 Field Grade Assembly - No Refinish
$195.00 Barreled Action Assembly - Turn Key Upper
Details » FAL Gunsmithing - Price Guide
Details » Which US made FAL parts are legal?  
Incoming Service Shipments:
All Service related work must be accompanied by a completed  Job Order Form >> [ click here to fill out ]
Please send only the parts necessary to complete the requested work on your firearm.
If having a kit assembled, please inspect closely for obvious worn, damaged or missing items.
$30.00 minimum labor charge on gunsmith related services.
Return Service - Flat Rate Shipping Fee`s:
Complete rifle - $45 / Rifle Uppers & Lowers - $24 / Handguns(1day) - $65 / Handgun Slides/Barrels - $12
CGW provides up to $900.00 free shipping insurance upon return service. Additional insurance is .80 per hundred dollars. All complete Firearms are freely packed in Doskocil hard plastic gun cases and heavy cardboard boxes for extra protection. Shipping case capacity is limited. Numerous spare items may require additional shipping cost for additional packages. Shipments must be returned to the address of original owner or sender. Changes of return address, require written notice.
All Firearm deliveries are " Signature Required " upon delivery. No exceptions !